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The Details
Location: Petersburg, Virginia
Size: 550,000 square feet
Value: $4,904,678
Completion Date: March, 1999
Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build
Owner: Gerdau Ameristeel
Architects: Hatch Associates Consulting

As the Concrete Contractor, S.B. Ballard was involved in a range of activities from pile caps, grade beams, walls, slabs, deep excavations, trenches and sheathing, including mass equipment foundations from a minus of 30 feet below grade to 20 feet above grade.

Both Rolling Mill and Meltshop exceed 550,000 square feet. Thousands of anchor bolts ranging from 3/4’ to 3’ diameter and up to 8’ in length were placed with 1/8’ tolerance requirements with none not meeting specifications specified.