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The Details
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Value: $1,041,134
Completion Date: January, 1999
Owner: Northrop Grumman
Architects: Lockwood Greene

This project consisted of the construction of approximately 600 feet of a new radiological support facility utility trench near Pier 4 at Newport News Shipyard. The utility trench is 14’ wide and 9’ high. The bottom is cast in place concrete as a foundation. This includes concrete ledges for steam pipe and construction gas pipe supports. The walls are cast in place concrete with varying height from 5’ to 9’. The top sections are 114 precast concrete removal tops with reusable lifting eyes and galvanized metal edging. They are 10’ long and 5’ wide.

The project included relocation and installation of a new railroad spur of approximately 200’. This project included a sewage lift station with forced main piping, site work including removal and handling of contaminated soil, a new asphalt road way and piping for fire protection hydrants and storm drainage.