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S.B. Ballard often works on projects as part of the Virginia PPEA (Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act). The PPEA offers public bodies, including schools, an alternative approach to the traditional design/bid/build process.

For an example of one of our PPEA projects, view Central High School in Wise County, Virginia.

If you have a large, complex or time-sensitive project, the PPEA process offers many benefits.

  • Saves Time - Construction begins earlier with a design-build approach compared to the traditional design/bid/build project delivery system. The process allows construction to start as soon as the site is approved even while design is finalized.

  • Saves Money – The PPEA lets you save time (which saves money), and the joint development of the design and model eliminates construction issues before they occur.

  • Includes No Upfront Costs - In most instances, school divisions will face no upfront costs associated with the pre-construction process. Competing PPEA companies provide designs, cost estimates and time schedules to the client without a financial commitment from the division.

  • Includes Access to Different Designs – School divisions and other PPEA clients have the opportunity to review several different designs before they decide on the best one.

  • Guarantees Maximum Price – Each PPEA company provides a guaranteed maximum price in the proposal. That means the division receives a set price, and decision makers can set a budget accordingly. The contractor (S.B. Ballard) takes on all financial risks beyond that price.

  • Provides a Single Point of Contact – A PPEA client has a single point of contact, which streamlines the communications process.

  • Offers Access to Talented Professionals – When you work with S.B. Ballard on a PPEA project, you have access to the best contractors and professionals in the business.

Above all, the PPEA process is a seamless way to develop complex builds. The process allows for numerous options and reduced costs -- a benefit to nearly every eligible organization.