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"Focused on driving down the Owner's cost while improving quality"

We know from our past experience that 90% of cost savings are found during pre-construction.  This is why S.B. Ballard has developed a comprehensive approach to pre-construction services.

Imagine if you could visualize potential pitfalls in a construction project before breaking ground? It would certainly positively impact your budget, timeline and other aspects of the build.

That’s why we offer preconstruction services and make the right decisions from day one.

On every project, we take a “big picture” view to save money and time and to understand the full scope of work. We rely on up-to-the-minute information and input from a number of talented professionals. Through a disciplined and systematic approach, we optimize cost, schedule, quality, safety and site logistics. We also use a combination of advanced computer modeling tools and old-fashioned construction expertise – the kind that’s steered our company since founder Stephen B. Ballard began the business nearly forty years ago.

Sometimes, we must determine unique approaches to address construction issues. Whatever the challenge, we have the know-how and experience to make it happen.