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Sustainable Construction

“Sustainability” is one of the most popular, albeit least understood, terms in our industry. It’s meaning is often obscured by differing interpretations or when it’s treated like a ‘check’ on a sustainability checklist. At S.B. Ballard, environmental stewardship is critical. Whenever possible, we use green building practices and exceed what’s required by the standard. For us, “going green” isn’t a trend; it’s in the bedrock of who we are.

At S.B. Ballard, we ensure the practical use and management of natural resources throughout their life cycle. Long-term environmental concerns about the stock and flow of material and energy are an integral part of our mission to be good stewards of the environment. To that end, our goal is to create buildings that meet the present day needs of the built environment without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This philosophy incorporates elements of construction, engineering, economics, environmental stewardship, and civic accountability. They all contribute to architectural integrity, technical innovation and transferability in the design and construction process. 

At S.B. Ballard, sustainable construction involves:

  • Design and construction of buildings
  • Best value analysis - Evaluation of material performance
  • Reduced waste - Improve construction technologies and processes
  • Commissioning - Energy and resource efficiency in buildings
  • Constructability - Operation and maintenance improvements
  • Materials reuse/Recycling - Transferability of embodied energy
  • Integrated Design Process – Owner/Stakeholder participation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality - Healthy and safe working conditions
  • Innovative Life Cycle Cost Analysis models
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) - Synergies between infrastructure, energy, and architecture
  • Reduced carbon footprint - Flexibility in building design with respect to future use, function or change

GREEN Building Information Model (BIM) - Using historical data from previous projects, we identify all materials associated with the sustainability initiatives of a project in the model via ‘families’ and assign historical material costs and recycled content percentages.

Sustainability Action Plan - We identify the targeted sustainability initiatives, detail the goal of each credit, outline the necessary means and methods for compliance and provide a fill-in-the-blank matrix for reporting. 

Construction Waste Management – We determine a means for deconstruction that minimizes waste and maximizes the embodied energy of the existing project for generations to come. 

Our key field and office staff have attended U.S. Green Building Council LEED™ training courses and achieved designations of LEED™ Green Associate and LEED™ Accredited Professional. As a result we fully integrate LEED™ practices and sustainable design into all of our projects regardless of certification.

S.B. Ballard also provides LEED™ consulting services to our team members. We work with employees and subcontractors throughout all stages of a project from design through implementation.

Below are completed and in-progress projects that have and/or are seeking LEED™ certification:

LEED™-NC Platinum

  • P 743 Cargo Logistics Training Facility – Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, Virginia


  • P218V – Norfolk Naval Shipyard; Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Lyman B. Brooks Library – Norfolk State University; Norfolk, Virginia
  • Navy Lodge Expansion – JEB Little Creek; Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • TCC Chesapeake Student Center - Tidewater Community College, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Nursing & Classroom Building - Norfolk State University; Norfolk, Virginia
    - These projects were contracted to meet LEED™ Silver standards. S.B. Ballard went above and beyond the requirements on the projects to achieve LEED™ Gold certification.
  • Radford College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences Building

LEED™-NC Silver

  • Norfolk Student Center – Tidewater Community College; Norfolk, Virginia
  • Building W-5 – Naval Station Norfolk; Norfolk, Virginia
  • West Grace Street Housing – Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, Virginia