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Virtual Design Construction

NSU-Nursing -BLDG-typ -rm4On most of our projects, we employ BIM or building information modeling. BIM, which contains information about building systems and installed equipment, guides us from preconstruction through project completion. A relatively new concept in the industry, it’s one we have used and refined for several years.

As a form of virtual design construction, BIM ensures all materials, systems and components fit in the space allocated (includes service and operational clearances). It also coordinates the design of congested areas. During the construction process, we use BIM to develop shop and fabrication drawings that reduce RFIs and field changes, improve overall construction quality, limit rework and keep the project on schedule.

With BIM, we also integrate technology, structural aspects, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), fire protection and other key systems and components into an electronic model of the building. That means all stakeholders can monitor work associated with the construction schedule. Upon completion of construction, we present a manual with building specifications and tutorials so the owner can problem solve.

Thanks to BIM, designated staff has access to a point-and-click interface to view as-built drawings and specification, construction documentation, O&M data and points of contact. In your proposal, we also include the BIM reader program and computer system as well as extensive initial and follow-up training by S.B. Ballard’s Mechanical Engineer and Virtual Design Construction Team.

More benefits of S.B. Ballard’s virtual design construction process

  • Higher quality facilities based on a common goal and increased collaboration with trades
  • Increased team communication, collaboration and cohesion
  • Integration/fabrication
  • Reduced project costs
  • Safer jobsite through better understanding of workflow
  • Schedule optimization
  • Site logistics/safety planning
  • Virtual constructability review
  • Virtual trade coordination/clash detection
  • Visual scheduling (4D)
  • Visualizations