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We might be an old-school, handshake kind of company, but our technology is always cutting edge.

As tools and software evolve, so do we. With every new advance, our construction projects become more precise, streamlined and cost effective. What’s more, the latest technology lets you play a greater role and stay better informed.

How we use the latest technology

Building Information Modeling
As a form of virtual design construction, we use BIM to guide from preconstruction to project completion.
BIM ensures we:

  • allocate all materials, systems and components in the space
  • develop shop and fabrication drawings
  • integrate technology, structural aspects, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), fire protection and other key systems and components into an electronic model of the building
  • have access to a point-and-click interface to view as-built drawings and specification, construction documentation, O&M data and points of contact

SharePoint and iPads

SB Ballard leverages Microsoft SharePoint technology for document management and as a flexible collaboration platform. Our extranet environment is an evolving solution for virtual project teams to share documents and collaborate over the internet. During every build, we provide owners with the latest version of the iPad so they can monitor their project through our SharePoint portal and allow all partners access to the latest specs and drawings as they evolve.


On each build, we send a drone in the air to take aerial photos to document the project progress, improve jobsite communication from a different view and as a form of safety inspections during and after construction. There’s nothing like seeing the finished product from high in the sky!